Using HTTP POST in Speedway Connect


Speedway Connect is a very useful tool for automating the Impinj Speedway readers for an RFID application. In this example, we will setup a Speedway R420 to use Speedway Connect to POST RFID data to an edge server.


Speedway Connect (demo)Be sure to check your hardware version!

Full Speedway Connect License

Getting Started

First, update your reader to the latest firmware available, and install the latest version of Speedway Connect. Once that is done, connect to Speedway Connect via your reader's hostname by using the https:// prefix (for example, https://speedwayr-xx-xx-xx). 

Once Speedway Connect prompts you to login, use the credentials below to access the page:

Username: root

Password: impinj

Once logged in, set you reader's settings to match the requirements of your application.

In the Output: Connection menu, enable the HTTP POST functionality of your reader, as shown below:

For this example, we will be sending our tag data to an online test server called Webhook. Webhook creates a custom URL endpoint for testing HTTP POST functionality, and allows the user to see the data as it is received on the site. All we need to do is copy the custom Webhook URL into Speedway Connect so that the reader knows where to send the tag data.

Once all settings are set in Speedway Connect, select "Apply" on the top of the page to send them to the reader. The reader will immediately begin to read and report tags to the Webhook URL.

Reading Tags

Now, we can present some tags to our reader's antenna and see them as they are reported in Webhook. Webhook shows all of the POST information, including the headers and JSON data.

This information is really helpful for developers that would like to create a script or program to grab this information and parse it into a database for asset association and lookup.

If you have any questions about using HTTP POST with Speedway Connect, please don't hesitate to reach out to