Using the Speedway Revolution Web UI


This article will detail the functionality of the Speedway Revolution reader's Web User Interface, or Web UI.


The Speedway Revolution reader's Web UI is a very convenient and efficient method for interfacing directly with the reader. Through this interface, the user is able to see relevant reader information at a glance, and is able to perform necessary reader maintenance with minimal interference.

To access the Web UI, a Speedway Revolution reader will need to be connected to your network. To do this, please see the article  Setting Up Your Speedway Revolution Reader.

Once the reader has been set up on the network, navigate a web browser to the connected reader's address, which is in the format "http://speedwayr-xx-xx-xx.local", where xx-xx-xx is the last 6 digits of the reader's MAC address. Alternatively, the reader's IP address can be entered into the web browser in order to access the Web UI. For additional information and troubleshooting for this step, please see the  Troubleshooting for Speedway Revolution Readers article.

Once the Web UI has been accessed, the reader will prompt for login credentials, which are below:

Username: root

Password: impinj

The Web UI

The picture below shows the Speedway Revolution's Web UI. All sections and their actions are described below.


This section lists information regarding the reader hardware itself, including the reader's username, its LLRP Status, and its RFID status.

  • Reader Name
    • The reader's username, can be used for troubleshooting and connection using the Octane SDK.
  • Uptime
    • The amount of time that the reader has been powered up and connected to the current network.
  • System Time
    • Current date and time
  • LLRP Status
    • Status of any LLRP (low-level reader protocol) installed on the reader. In the example above, the Speedway Connect software is installed, so the LLRP status shows that it is connected. For more information about Speedway Connect, please see its product page here.
    • If Speedway Connect is installed, then this is controlled by (and essentially a read-only equivalent of) the red or green status flag in the top left of Speedway Connect. Turning the flag to red will cause the LLRP status to be disconnected, and turning it to green will make it say connected.
  • RFID Status
    • This tells us whether the reader is currently trying to read tags. If it says idle, the reader is not sending RF energy through the antenna ports.
    • If this is idle while the LLRP status is Connected, then the reader has been set to read only when triggered. See the triggers section of Speedway Connect. 


  • Model Name
    • The hardware model name of the reader
  • Regulatory Region
    • The region for which the reader has been approved for operation. Since different regions have different regulations on how much RF power can be transmitted, this is an important field to check before attempting to use the reader.
  • MAC Address
    • The MAC address assigned to the reader. This can be used to identify and connect to the reader on a network. The MAC address can also be found on the reader itself.
  • Software Version
    • The current version of firmware installed on the reader. For the most recent version of firmware for these readers, please see <insert link>.
  • Hardware Version
  • Application SW Version
    • The current version of the Speedway Connect software. This field does not show up if Speedway Connect is not installed.
  • Serial Number
    • The serial number assigned to the reader. This can also be found on the reader itself.


  • IP Address
    • The IP address assigned to the reader. The default address is
  • Network Mask
  • Default Route
  • Broadcast Address

Reader Upgrade

  • Upgrade Status
    • Displays "Ready" when reader is able to receive an upgrade
  • Last Operation Status
  • Select Upgrade File
    • This functionality allows the user to select a file to upload to the reader. This is the easiest way to upgrade the reader's firmware or to install Speedway Connect.
  • Upgrade Now
    • Selecting this will install the file selected in the Select Upgrade File section to the reader. Typically, a reader reboot is necessary after file installation.

Antenna Hub

  • Feature Status
    • Displays the current status of the reader's Antenna Hub feature, Enabled or Disabled
  • Press to Enable
    • Selecting this will set the Feature Status of the Antenna Hub feature to Enabled, and will allow the use of the Antenna Hub with the reader.

Reader Reboot

  • Reboot Status
    • Displays "Ready to Reboot" when the reader is available for a reboot operation.
  • Press to Reboot
    • Selecting this will reboot the reader. This step is typically necessary after firmware or file installation.

For any additional questions regarding the Speedway Revolution reader's Web UI, please contact our support team at