Installing Firmware for Speedway Revolution Reader

ARCHIVED - current version:


This article will explain how to install the Octane firmware on the Impinj Speedway Revolution readers (R220 and R420).

For the most recent version of firmware, please reach out to support@AtlasRFIDstore.

Installing firmware using the Web UI

To install the firmware on the reader via the Web UI, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Ensure that the reader is receiving power, either from PoE or the accompanying power supply.
  2. Connect the reader via Ethernet cable to either your PC or local area network.
  3. Ensure that your network is set to obtain IP addresses automatically instead of assigning a static IP address (this can be changed later, but is helpful for first time setup).

4. Locate the MAC address of your reader. The MAC address will be written on a label attached to the reader. Please see the picture below for an example.

5. Navigate your web browser to the Web UI address of your reader, which is http://speedwayr-xx-xx-xx.local, where xx-xx-xx is the last 6 characters of your MAC address. You can also use the reader's default IP address instead, if needed. When prompted, enter the login credentials below:

Username: root

Password: impinj

You should now see the Web UI of your reader.

  1. Locate the 'Reader Upgrade' section and select the Browse button to browse your PC for the firmware file. Once this is chosen, select 'Upgrade.'
  2. Once the firmware is uploaded, select 'Reboot' to restart your reader and install the new firmware. The current firmware version can be seen in the Software Version section of the Web UI.

Installing firmware using USB Flash Drive

To install the firmware on the reader via USB flash drive, please follow the instructions below:

  1. First, format the flash drive to the FAT format. After this is done, download the firmware file to the flash drive under the path "impinj\revolution\upgrade\images\". Please be sure to not rename the firmware file or the path directories, as this will result in a failed firmware installation.
  2. Power on the reader. Once the reader has turned on, insert the USB flash drive into the USB HOST port on the reader.
  3. The firmware will upload to the reader automatically. While this occurs, the power LED on the reader will flash amber.
  4. Once the firmware has completed uploading, the power LED will be solid green. Once this happens, manually reboot the reader to install the new firmware. The current firmware version can now be seen in the Software Version section of the reader's Web UI.


If any issues occurred while upgrading the firmware for your reader, please see Troubleshooting for Speedway Revolution Readers.