Installing Speedway Connect for Speedway Revolution Reader


This article explains the functionality of Speedway Connect, as well as how to install it on the Speedway Revolution reader.


See the link below to download the demo version of Speedway Connect:

Speedway Connect (Trial Version)

For the full version, please contact the atlasRFIDstore Sales team at:

What is Speedway Connect?

Impinj Speedway Connect is software that runs on the Impinj Speedway R420, R220 and xPortal readers enabling users to easily set configurations for a single reader and quickly access RFID data.

For more information on Speedway Connect and its features, please visit its store page here.

How to install Speedway Connect

Installing Speedway Connect is accomplished by using the exact same method as  Installing Firmware for Speedway Revolution Reader.

Before installing Speedway Connect, please note that the ItemTest software and any custom software built using the Octane SDK will not work once Speedway Connect is installed. In order to access these functions after installation of Speedway Connect, Speedway Connect will need to be uninstalled from the reader.

Following the steps in the linked article, Speedway Connect is installed on the reader just like firmware would be. Once the installation is complete, the current Speedway Connect version number should be available in the Application SW Version section of the reader's Web UI.

Once the installation can be verified, Speedway Connect can be accessed by navigating a web browser to the reader's hostname (https://speedwayr-xx-xx-xx). The https:// prefix must be present for the reader to differentiate between the reader's normal Web UI and its Speedway Connect UI.

The reader will prompt for login credentials, which are below:

Username: root

Password: impinj

For more information on connecting to the reader via the hostname, see Using the Speedway Revolution Web UI

**NOTE: Speedway Connect is not compatible with Microsoft Edge

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