Installing Firmware and/or Speedway Connect on Impinj Speedway Readers


This article explains how to install firmware on the Impinj Speedway readers, including the R420, R220, R640, and R680. The process for installing firmware is the same as the process for installing Speedway Connect.


Octane firmware: please contact us at to obtain current firmware. If you wish to use Speedway Connect, be sure to install the version that correlates with your version of firmware.

Which version of firmware is for me? 

In most cases, you will want to use the current version of firmware (7.6.1 at time of writing). The exception to this is older Speedway readers, known as Revolution 4. If you think you might have one of these, check the details section of your reader's web UI. If your hardware version has a 4, like this one, you'll want to ask us for the older firmware ( If it has a 5 or higher, you can use the current firmware.

Which version of Speedway Connect is for me?

Once you have determined the correct firmware version to use, determining the same for Speedway Connect is quite simple.

If you're using firmware 7.x, use Speedway Connect

If you're using firmware 6.x or earlier, use Speedway Connect 2.8.0.

If you're trying to use Speedway Connect, and the page won't load properly, please check that you have installed corresponding versions.

How to Install Firmware or Speedway Connect via the Web UI (Primary method)

Locate the MAC address of your reader. The MAC address will be written on a label attached to the reader. Please see the picture below for an example.

Navigate your web browser to the Web UI address of your reader, which is http://speedwayr-xx-xx-xx.local, where xx-xx-xx is the last 6 characters of your MAC address. In the case of this reader, we would type http://speedwayr-10-ef-35. Please ensure that there is no "s" in "http://" as "https://" is the address for accessing Speedway Connect.

You can also use the reader's default IP address instead, if needed. When prompted, enter the login credentials below:

Username: root

Password: impinj

You should now see the Web UI of your reader. For more information about how to use this page, please see

Please use the emailed link to our Dropbox to download the file package. Unzip or extract the file package.

1. Browse to the firmware/Speedway Connect file. Ensure the file type is .upg.

2. Click "Upgrade." It will take about 1-2 minutes to process.

3. Click "Reboot." This will take about 1 minute. 

4. Refresh the page if it does not refresh on its own within a few minutes. The current firmware version can be seen on the Software Version line of the Web UI under Details. The next line, "Application SW Version,"

Installing firmware using USB Flash Drive (Alternative method)

In the event you need to update your reader's firmware, but cannot reach its web UI, there is an alternative method. To install the firmware on the reader via USB flash drive, please follow the instructions below:

  1. First, format the flash drive to the FAT format. After this is done, download the firmware file to the flash drive under the path "impinj\revolution\upgrade\images\". Please be sure to not rename the firmware file or the path directories, as this will result in a failed firmware installation.
  2. Power on the reader. Once the reader has turned on, insert the USB flash drive into the USB HOST port on the reader.
  3. The firmware will upload to the reader automatically. While this occurs, the power LED on the reader will flash amber.
  4. Once the firmware has completed uploading, the power LED will be solid green. Once this happen, manually reboot the reader to install the new firmware. 
  5. The current firmware version can be seen on the Software Version line of the Web UI under Details. The next line, "Application SW Version," will show the currently installed version of Speedway Connect.

Please note that the https:// prefix must be present for the reader to differentiate between the reader's normal Web UI and its Speedway Connect UI. You may get a warning page about this site being unsafe. This is because it is an unsecure site using the secure prefix as a differentiation method. Verify that the URL is correct, and proceed as normal. You may need to click "Advanced" to continue.

The reader will prompt for login credentials, which are below:

Username: root

Password: impinj

You should now see the Speedway Connect configuration page, shown below:

**NOTE: Speedway Connect is not compatible with Microsoft Edge.

For more information on setting up Speedway Connect for your specific application, please see the guide Using Speedway Connect.


To uninstall Speedway Connect, click the " X Uninstall" button in the top right corner of the web page. See screenshot above for reference.


If any issues occurred while upgrading the firmware or installing Speedway Connect for your reader, or if you cannot reach your reader's web UI, please see Troubleshooting for Speedway Revolution Reader.