Using GPIO with Speedway Revolution Readers


This article outlines the steps required to setup and use the Impinj GPIO Box with the Speedway R420 reader and Speedway Connect.

Required Devices and Software

Impinj GPIO Box

Stack Light

Smartrac Dogbone R6 Tags

Speedway R420 or R220

Speedway Connect Trial Version

Purchase Speedway Connect license


For  this project, we will be using the Speedway R420 reader and the Speedway Connect software to trigger a light change on the Stack Light when a tag is read. To do this, we will need to setup the reader and install the latest version of the Octane firmware and Speedway Connect. Instructions for these steps can be found in the articles below.

Installing Firmware for the Speedway Revolution Reader

Installing Speedway Connect for the Speedway Revolution Reader

Using Speedway Connect

Once the reader is setup and Speedway Connect is installed, we will need to configure Speedway Connect to use the reader's GPIO ports so that we can trigger a light change when a tag is read.

Configuring Speedway Connect

In Speedway Connect, configure the reader for the settings below:

  • Reader Mode: AutoSet Dense Reader
  • Search Mode: Dual Target
  • Session: 0 or 1
  • Check all antenna ports being used and set the transmit power to an appropriate level
  • Start Trigger: Since we want the reader to begin reading as soon as it powers up, keep this on "Immediate"
  • Stop Trigger: None

  • Under the Advanced GPIO section:
    • Check "Enabled"
    • GPO 1 Mode should be set to Reader Inventory Tags Status. This will send a high signal on GPO 1 when a tag has been read by the reader (inventoried).

Once these settings have been configured, select the "Apply" button to save the settings to the reader.

Setting up the GPIO Box

Now that the reader and software components are setup, we need to connect the GPIO box to the reader and Light Stack. First, connect the GPIO box to the reader's GPIO port via the supplied HD15 cable.

The Light Stack chosen for this project operates at 24V, so we will need to use an additional power supply for the GPIO box, and will need to move the jumpers on the power input pins (labeled JPlus and JMinus) to connect pins 2 and 3 on both.

Since we want the reader to trigger a light change when a tag is read, we will use the GPO OUT1 terminal block on the GPIO box. 

For this particular DC voltage light, we connect the (-) wire to the GPO 1 GND and the (+) wire to GPO 1 VCC.

Now that all of the hardware is connected and the software is configured, we can apply the settings in Speedway Connect and begin testing our setup. With these settings, the light should show one color when the reader is idle (not reading), and another color when a tag is inventoried. In this case, we have the red light set to indicate idle, and the green light set to indicate an inventory.

If you have any questions about setting up your reader, please don't hesitate to reach out at