Setting Up the Vulcan RFID™ Iron USB Reader


This article will walk through the steps required to setup and use the Vulcan RFID™ Iron USB Reader in your RFID application.


Vulcan RFID™ UHF Tag Read and Write Software:

Universal Reader Assistant:

Getting Started

Setting up the Vulcan RFID™ Iron USB Reader is extremely simple, and everything you need is already in the box. To get started using the Vulcan RFID™ Iron USB Reader, take the reader and the included USB cable out of the box, and connect the reader to a Windows PC or laptop using the USB cable. You should see the blue LEDs on the side of the reader illuminate when the reader receives power, and the computer should recognize that the device was plugged in.

Using the Vulcan RFID™ Iron USB Reader

Now that the reader is setup, we can use a software to interact with the reader and integrate it into an RFID solution. For basic reader functionality, a free demo software like Universal Reader Assistant can be used. For more advanced functionality, like encoding tags directly from a spreadsheet, the Vulcan RFID UHF Tag Read and Write Software can be used. For this article, we will look at both options listed above.

Universal Reader Assistant

To use the Universal Reader Assistant software, simply download and install the software from the link provided above. Once installed, launch the software and allow the setup wizard to help you connect to your reader and begin a scan for tags. More information for using URA can be found in our article Using Universal Reader Assistant.

Vulcan RFID™ UHF Tag Read and Write Software

To use the Vulcan RFID UHF Tag Read and Write Software, the software will need to be purchased from Once purchased, you will receive a download link for the software from the Microsoft App Store.

Once downloaded and installed, launch the software and choose the appropriate connection options for your reader. For the Vulcan Iron USB reader, we will connect using Vulcan as our manufacturer and Serial as our reader connection type. Then scan your computer for the assigned COM ports using the Scan COM Ports button and then press the Connect button to establish a connection with the reader.

Once connected, the software can be used to read and write tags. For more information on using the Vulcan RFID UHF Read and Write software to read, write, and lock tags, please see the article Using the Vulcan RFID UHF Tag Read and Write Software.