How to Permalock RFID Tags in BarTender


With the new RFID requirements coming out from many of the bigger retailers, a lot of people are beginning their journey with RFID. A common question among this group of new users is, "How do I permalock my tags in BarTender?" If you've been wondering what permalocking or BarTender is, you've come to the right place! BarTender is a very popular program used to design labels, including RFID tags. Permalocking a tag means making it permanently read-only. Once this is done, no one will ever be able to change the information on that tag. Some retailers require this as part of the new standards for labels.

Permalocking using most printers

Locking tags in Bartender is really simple, it just requires a few button clicks:

1. Open your RFID object's properties menu

2. Select RFID > Encoder Options

3. Select the EPC Gen 2 Menu

4. Select the "Lock Permanently" option in the EPC Memory field

5. Apply those settings and try printing your tags

Permalocking using a Sato printer

If you happen to be using a Sato printer, the process is slightly different.

1. Open your RFID object's properties menu

2. Select Security

3.Set the EPC Block dropdown menu to Lock.

4. Set the New Password as "Constant:"

5. Close the window.