Troubleshooting Your Intel RSP Sensor Setup


This article will walk through some troubleshooting steps for the initial setup of the Intel RSP Sensors as well as the RSP Sensor dev kit. This article will assume that a Linux OS is being used on the edge computer needed for RSP setup.

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Getting Started Guide:

Setting Up Your Intel RSP Development Kit

For initial setup instructions, please see the article Setting Up Your Intel RSP Sensor Dev Kit.

Once all of the hardware is setup on a network, you should be able to log onto the edge computer and install the RSP Controller application. If not, there could be a few issues in the setup of your system. Please see the issues outlined below, as well as the steps that need to be taken to resolve them.

No Internet Connection

This is by far the most common issue, as there are many factors to be considered when setting up the network portion of this system. Without an internet connection, the edge computer is not able to retrieve any updates for installed applications, and the RSP Controller software will not be available to the user for download. To resolve this issue, try the steps below:

  • Ensure all network connections are secure and connected to the correct port. If you are using a WiFi router, ensure that the ethernet cable connecting the router to your network is using the appropriate port on the router. This port is usually labeled as "Internet", and any other ports are used for local area connections. Reference the image below to help ensure all connections are properly made.

  • Check with your IT team or network provider to ensure that your system is setup appropriately. If your network uses DHCP, ensure that your edge computer is setup to obtain its IP address from the network. Alternatively, if your network is assigning a particular IP address to your computer, be sure to adjust the computer's network settings so that it uses the same IP range and subnet that is assigned to it. If you are using a WiFi router, ensure that your computer and the router are setup in a similar fashion.
  • For network connectivity details, open a terminal on the edge computer and use the "ifconfig" command. 
  • Check all ethernet cables and ensure that none have broken connectors or damaged insulation along the length of the cable. If the cables are damaged, replace them.

Unrecognized Commands

If some of the Linux commands being used for initial setup are not working, it could be because the appropriate software packages are not installed onto the computer. Before walking through the installation guide for the RSP Controller application, it is highly suggested to go ahead and update all available applications on the edge computer. To do this, use the command below:

RSP Sensors are not receiving power

The RSP Sensors are powered by PoE (power over ethernet) only, so if they should immediately turn on when plugged into the network or PoE switch. If the sensors are not turning on, this could indicate an issue with the network.

  • If the sensors are connected to a network, ensure that network provides PoE. If it does not, a PoE injector or switch will need to be used.
  • If using a PoE switch, ensure that the sensors are connected to the ports on the switch labeled "PoE". These are the only ports on the switch that provide PoE, and the other ports are used for LAN connections.

All the hardware is connected, now what?

Once all your hardware is setup correctly, the RSP sensors should turn on and their status LEDs should show a bright yellow color. This means that they are powered on, but are not connected to the RSP Controller host software. This software can be installed by following the steps below:

Once the RSP Controller software is installed, launch the Controller by issuing the following command in a terminal window:

The terminal should display information received from the running program.

Once this is done, open a browser window and navigate to the URL and you should see the home dashboard for the RSP Controller software.

If you have any questions about setting up your RSP sensors, please reach out to our Support team at

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