Setting Up your Intel RSP Dev Kit


This article will walk through the physical setup of the components included in the Intel RSP Development Kits, and will show how to log on to the edge computer for the first time.

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Setting Up Your Intel RSP Development Kit

To assist with setup, please reference the image below:

1. Ensure you have all components required for proper setup. The Intel RSP Dev Kits come with the following components:

  • Edge Computer (Intel NUC)
  • RSP Sensor(s)
  • PoE-enabled network or PoE injector
  • WiFi Router
  • Ethernet cables
  • Antenna and antenna cable (if using the RSP H1000 Sensor)
  • UHF RFID tags

In addition to these components, the following components are desirable for the simplest setup:

  • A monitor and appropriate cable for connection to the edge computer

2. Setup your network devices

Next, setup your PoE injector and WiFi router to ensure your RSP sensor and edge computer will have a reliable network connection. To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Power the PoE injector and the WiFi router with their respective power supplies.
  • Connect an ethernet cable from an existing LAN port to the router's "Internet" port. Next, connect the router to the PoE switch via another ethernet cable. This will ensure that all devices connected to the PoE switch will exist on the same network as the router.

3. Setup your edge computer and RSP sensors

Once the network devices are setup, the RSP sensors and edge computer can be connected.

  • Power the edge computer with its provided power supply. Connect the computer to the PoE switch via an ethernet cable, and connect the computer to the monitor.
  • Connect the RSP sensors to the PoE swtich via ethernet cables. The RSP sensors are powered via PoE, so the LEDs on the sensors should light up once they are connected.

4. Log on to the edge computer

Once all of the hardware is setup, the edge computer will need to be setup to control the RSP sensors. To setup the edge computer, follow the steps below:

  • Power on the edge computer and monitor. The computer already has Ubuntu 18.04 installed.
  • Log on to the computer. The username and password can be found on labels on the edge computer.
    • Once logged in, it is recommended to change the login credentials for increased security.
  • Once login is successful, follow the steps outlined in the link below to install the RSP Controller software and complete setup of your dev kit.

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