Installing Firmware for the Alien H450 Handheld Reader


This article will show the steps required to install new firmware and applications to the Alien H450 handheld reader.


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Installing Software to the Reader

To transfer files to the H450 reader, you will need to connect to the reader via the USB cable that ships with the reader. The reader also ships with a face plate that creates an interface for the USB cable and AC power supply. Snap this face plate over the reader's pins and connect the reader to a PC using the USB cable. Once this is done, the reader should show the "USB connected" screen. On this screen, select "Turn on USB storage". USB Storage mode will need to be turned back off once the files are transferred in order to correctly use the reader.

Next, download the software that needs to be transferred to the reader, such as the Firmware or Volume Control app at the links above. Save the downloaded software into a known directory. Next, locate the H450 on your PC. It should show up as a "Removable Disk" and will have a file structure similar to the image below.

Copy the .apk file from the chosen directory and paste it somewhere in the Removable Disk file structure. Once this is done, select "Turn Off USB Storage" on the reader and disconnect from the PC.

On the reader, navigate to the device's apps menu (":::"  icon on device home screen) and open the File Manager app. Navigate to the folder in which the new software was placed and open it. The device should then give the options to either install the app or cancel. Once "Install" is selected, the application will install to the device.

Updating Firmware

Using the steps above, the Alien Firmware Installer can be installed onto the H450. Once this is done, the installer can be used to upgrade the device's firmware.

Note: If the Alien Demo app has been launched previously, it will need to be forced to close so that the firmware installer can run. To do this, select the Settings app and open the Apps settings menu. From this menu, select the Alien Demo app and select "Force Stop". Once the app is stopped, the firmware installer can be used. This step will need to be repeated in order to disable the Firmware Installer and reopen the Alien Demo application.

Adjusting Device Volume

The default device volume may need to be adjusted so that the Alien Demo app is quieter. This requires the use of the Volume app from the link in the Downloads section above. If the device does not already have this app listed in the app menu, it will need to be installed by following the directions above.

Once installed, launch the app and adjust the various volume sliders as needed.

For additional information on installing software for the H450 reader, please reach out to our support team at