Installing New Reader Protocols on ThingMagic Readers


This article will explain the steps required to install a supported RFID protocol onto a ThingMagic RFID reader.


For many applications, the use of a specific tag read protocol is necessary for a reader to operate effectively in the RFID system. These protocols, like AEA/ATA and ISO 18000-6B, can be installed in supporting ThingMagic readers via the Universal Reader Assistant (URA) tool.

For instructions on installing and setting up URA, please see the article linked here: Using Universal Reader Assistant

Once URA is setup and the reader is connected, we can install a new protocol license for a ThingMagic reader.

Protocol License Installation

Once a protocol license is purchased, our team will generate the license key based on your reader's serial number and send the key in an email. Each license key is unique to the reader's serial number, so the license can only be installed on the reader for which it was generated.

In URA, navigate to the section titled "Firmware/License Update" and select the "License" radio button.

In the License Key textbox, enter the provided license key for your reader and select "Update". Your reader may need to be restarted after the update is complete.