Setting Up Your Impinj Antenna Hub


This article will explain the steps required to attach and utilize the Impinj Antenna Hub and the accompanying GPIO adapter kit.


The Impinj Antenna Hub is a very useful device that allows for more than four antennas to be mounted onto the Speedway Revolution R420 reader. Each Antenna Hub allows for a total of 8 antennas to be mounted to the reader, so a total number of 32 antennas can be easily connected to the R420.

This setup requires the following hardware components:

  • Antenna Hub
  • GPIO Adapter Kit
  • Speedway Revolution Reader
  • Ethernet cable with RJ45 connectors
  • RF cable with SMA Male to RP-TNC Female connectors
  • Antenna with SMA Male connector

Hardware Setup

Setting up the Antenna Hub is a simple process, but still requires careful attention. Installation of the Antenna Hub requires the simultaneous installation of the GPIO Adapter Kit, and the connection of these two devices.

First, ensure that the Speedway Revolution reader is not receiving power, and disconnect any antennas that may be connected to the reader. This will ensure that no components receive power during the setup process, which could possibly damage the reader or other devices.

Next, connect the GPIO adapter to the reader's GPIO port using the cable attached to the GPIO adapter. You will also need to connect the Antenna Hub to the first antenna port on your reader using the RF cable.

Now, the Antenna Hub and the GPIO Adapter need to be connected, which can be accomplished with the ethernet cable. When connecting this cable, ensure that the antenna port being connected to via the Antenna Hub matches the GPIO port on the GPIO adapter. For example, if the Antenna Hub is connected to the reader's Port 1, the ethernet cable must be connected to the GPIO Adapter's Port 1. Be sure connect to the correct port on the GPIO Adapter, or the Antenna Hub will not function correctly.

Software Setup

Once everything is connected, you will need to enable Antenna Hub option for your reader. To do this, you will need to access the reader's web UI through either its IP address or hostname. Instructions for doing this can be found in  Troubleshooting for Speedway Revolution Readers.

In the section titled Antenna Hub, you will need to select "Enable Antenna Hub" in order to utilize your Antenna Hub. Once this functionality has been enabled, you may need to reboot the reader in order for changes to take affect.

Now that the Antenna Hub functionality has been enabled on the reader, the hub can now be used to extend the number of active antennas that can be connected to the reader. To utilize this functionality in MultiReader, you will need to enable the Antenna Hub option in the Reader Settings menu, which can be seen below.

Troubleshooting Antenna Hub Connection Issues

If the Antenna Hub is not functional after following the steps above, try troubleshooting the Antenna Hub and its connections.

First, check all connections to make sure they are secure. Make sure that the GPIO cable is connecting the reader to the GPIO Box, all antenna cables are securely fastened, and that the ethernet cables coming from the GPIO box are connecting to the correct Antenna Hub. For example, the Antenna Hub connected to your reader's Antenna Port 1 should be connected to Port 1 of the GPIO Box. To ensure proper hardware connection, please refer to the image shown in the Hardware Setup section above.

Next, check the Antenna Hub status in the reader's Web UI. To do this, log on to the reader's Web UI and select the "Show Connections" button under the section for Antenna Hub.

Once the Status screen is showing, select the "Check Connections" button to have the reader verify the hardware connections. A green check mark should appear on each of the antenna hubs that are configured and connected properly. If the status screen shows anything other than the green check marks, take a screenshot of the status screen and send to our support team at